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ReV: Seiichi Hyun by pachisu ReV: Seiichi Hyun by pachisu
:new: New application image for post Event 2
Got in! Thank you for accepting my application

Seiichi Hyun

Gender: Male
Birthday & Star Sign: August 20th (Leo)
Age: 19
Height: 5'9" ft (175 cm)
Weight: 150 lb (68 kg)

District: Kyuujuuminku
Education: Computer Science | 2nd year at Ooi University
Team: [ O.P.M ]
Tag Tattoo Location: Located on the back of his right shoulder
RE:VOLUTION - OPM by LeMinouNoir 

Internet Persona

    Geek | Introvert | Procrastinator | Passionate | Independent | Dreamer | Skeptic

Seiichi is someone easy to get along with, all he ever demands is ample space. He is not one to care about anyone's business and makes up any kind of excuse under the book to avoid basically anywhere but his computer seat back at home.

Since a young age, Seiichi has been interested in the imaginary world, the kind you can find in books or video games, where daring sword fights, crime solving detectives, magical closets and space travel could be found. He still continues to play endless games, especially ones known as MMOs and the most popular at the moment: RHYME. An avid player, and a fierce competitor, Seiichi tosses out all social life to play his games, and to escape into a world he can design, code, and alter to his liking at any time.

In public, the young adult keeps to himself, not making efforts to socialize. He is a high procrastinator, always making room for playing his games rather than taking care of his responsibilities. He is rather skeptical when it comes to trusting people’s version of “fun”, or trying new things, preferring the comfort of what he knows best. Sei is quite passionate when it comes to things he likes, and not just the 3D portrayal of his AllMate on the Rhyme games.

[ shortened for application purposes... please see SEI.ICHIBAN for full personality details! ]

。video games
。collecting figurines
。high tech
。colour blue
。mint flavour
。rap music

。family gatherings
。nosy people
。dirtying his glasses
。school obligations

The Virtual Life

Seiichi comes a family of very successful people: His father, after having immigrated from Busan, South Korea, is a neurosurgeon who brings in most of the family’s income. His mother is  a lawyer/prosecutor part of a prestigious law firm. The eldest brother is also a lawyer at his mother’s firm, hoping to take on the exam to become a judge. The second eldest brother is quite the looker who landed himself on the arm and wedded to a very famous TV actress. Finally, there are the young twins who, even though still in their early years of middle school, have achieved multiple prizes in math competitions, chess games, and debates. The Hyun family is through and through a family that breeds success… so what happened somewhere in the middle with Seiichi?

Try as the parents might to enroll their child in various sports, competitions and activities, nothing clung to the boy. Nothing but those damn video games. He was very much interested in the strategies of building empires and fighting his opponents in side scrollers or catching all these little monsters to form the best team. His brothers often had to force him out of the house to play or socialize.

Much of the pressure was relieved from Sei’s shoulders when the twins were born, now the parents could just sigh and shrug their shoulders, move onto the next prodigy kid they were so good at making. Seiichi relished being away from the center of attention. Now he could focus on decorating his room how he wanted, playing the games he wanted, staying up at all the hours he wanted, and being who he wanted to be. He later managed to make an image of himself on the net someone who many people were proud of, not like his parents would ever be. It was there that he discovered people talking about a game called Rhyme and he  fell in love. The thrilling battle system, the cool equipment, and a reason for him to go outside. Though it meant having to interact with just about anyone, Seiichi was all for having a live action gaming experience. It was like being the cool hero in all the games he’d played, except much harder. He purchased his Allmate, Jaemi, when he was 16 years old, and has been playing Rhyme ever since. Through the three years of experience playing the game, it can be said that Seiichi shed some of his insecurity, but he still finds himself shying away from battles where he knows his opponent will beat him to a pulp (both verbally and in game).

When university came around, Seiichi’s mother finally demanded he do something with his life instead of draining it away by staring at a digital world. So he decided to enroll in computer science, at least that way he had an excuse to go home and to his PC in peace.

At the moment, Seiichi faces neither dissatisfaction with his current lifestyle, but neither does he feel completely thrilled. If anything, continuing to live with his parents, seeing the success they radiate, and wondering if the internet is really all he has to his name has left him more than clueless for his future.

    Could something or somebody show him a world even he couldn't imagine?

[ shortened for application purposes... please see SEI.ICHIBAN for full history details! ]

Additional Information:
☆ Has some of the most expensive gaming tech at home.
☆ Has a driver's license and car.
☆ Lives with his parents.
☆ Often runs out of the house to go play Rhyme if his parents get too close to asking what he wants to do with his future.
☆ Sleeps a maximum of 3-4 hours, and almost none on weekends.
☆ Has insomnia.
☆ Displays a secluded personality and air around people in public. In the privacy of the net, he is more passionate and thrilled to lead a practically virtual double life.
☆ Compulsive liar on the internet.
☆ Enjoys tormenting his sister-in-law with Jaemi.
☆ Seiichi's voice

● Jaemi --
    My little buddy who likes to torment me, but that's my own fault for programming him that way, right? Honestly, I wouldn't want him any other way. Out in public he might give me headaches, but 1 on 1, he's the best friend anyone could've asked for. You're my home boy Jaemi #thugferret

● Genta Miyamoto --
    Shit man, this guy acts like he's an older brother, but he's as young as the rest of us, haha! Genta, you're such a classy guy. Thanks for helping me chase those thugs at the Playground.

Yamagashi Kazuma --
    Guy talks big about wanting people out of his personal life, but I think he's a big pile of sap who just wants a hug. Don't be shy, Batman! Yo, he's pretty fucking ballin' when it comes to fighting though. Glad I took some lessons from him.

Bae-Min Hun --
    Don't talk to him as much as I used to, I guess. No clue what he's been up to, but I hear his teams thriving. Good for him.

Yaozu --
    King of no homo, but that guy was seriously all over me that one night! Actually... I think we were all pretty wasted that time... He's chill, if you can get past his prickly personality.

Lirit Abrams --
    I can't thank her enough for taking me in like a lost pup. Seriously, she's a really chill girl, and equally chill roommate. She's got good music taste. I'M NOT TOUCHING HER! MAO GO AWAY!

Mao Breda --
    This guy is a riot and his allmate is... Uh... It's cool I guess (will never admit that little puppy is the cutest thing in the world). Taking girl advice from him isn't as bad as Lirit makes it out to be, hahaha!


RE:V: Jaemi COIL by pachisu
Name: Jaemi
Gender: Male
Species: Blackfooted Ferret
    Playful | Mischievous | Curious | Loveable
Designed for his quick and intelligent information gathering, Jaemi is a perfect AllMate companion for Seiichi. He’s fast and curious little fellow who, despite the lack of organic heart, has a very close relationship to his owner. He enjoys cuddling into Sei’s sweaters when the boy is on his PC, or riding on his shoulder out in public. Jaemi is also rather mischievous and can pick up when Sei is feeling discomfort. For that, Jaemi is often caught up in the folds of Mimi’s clothes, tormenting and pulling her hair before her own AllMate chases him out.

Full application: SEI.ICHIBAN
RP Sample: Here | Word Count: 363 ;;
Seiichi Hyun © pachisu
re--volution © KiyokoAmaya
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